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Golden Lustre Hotel Shenzhen is located in the commercial center of Luohu, Shenzhen. It is within easy reach of Luohu, Wenjindu Port and Shenzhen Railway Station, Luohu Dongmen Pedestrian Street, shopping malls, etc. It is fast and convenient for entering and leaving Hong Kong, Macao and various tourist attractions. It is your first choice for business travel and vacation.

Golden Lustre Hotel Shenzhen has various standard rooms, deluxe business rooms and suites, all rooms have broadband Internet access. The hotel insists on environmental protection and humanized design. The all-wood floor and luxurious double bed rooms give you a warm and comfortable 'home-like feeling'.

Golden Lustre Hotel Shenzhen's 'Lugang Town', 'Monte Carlo West Restaurant' and 'Jin Bi Xi Wan Nian Chinese Restaurant' will allow you to experience pure Taiwan flavors and Chinese and Western cuisines. At the same time, the hotel's supporting outdoor garden, swimming pool, gym, sauna, and entertainment center will enrich your stay.

Golden Lustre Hotel Shenzhen's business center provides modern office and communication services, which is convenient and fast. It is an ideal choice for your business contacts and leisure vacations.